Emotion Healing Therapy
The power of life

Emotion Healing Therapy helps you to connect with the highest power of the Universe that is all around and within you. Our therapy involves using this power  to  release negative vibration and low frequency and balance your energy so you   can expand your awareness, and  consciousness that  will start to bring the positive changes  in your life.

Our approach is to open up space inside of you ,to connect yourself conscious and subconscious allow the energy clear your traumas and negative experiences that create ( depression ,anxiety, panic attacks and more)  in present ,past and future that is in your mind connecting to your energy in your chakras and your aura. Your power that comes from this perspective has unlimited possibilities!

This high vibration states includes all the things we humans desire, things like money, abundance, good health, happiness, cooperation, strength and high energy. If you fill your mind with thought vibrations that are very high, you will attract high vibration into your life. On the other hand, if you stay in a low vibration state, you will continue to attract low vibration into your life.

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One-on-One Emotion Healing Therapy
Face to Face or by Phone

Personalized sessions tailored to the individual's specific goals and needs.


Group therapy in which we focus on releasing a specific trauma for everyone.

Energy reading

Energy reading focus to know what negative emotions and negative beliefs blocking your chakras, as well how is your aura.

Intentional Healing Energy Transmission

Transmission healing energy can be transmitted remotely or in-person. As Luis meditates, he focuses his intention on sending energy transmission to the receiver.

Who is Luis Clavijo

Luis Clavijo grew up in a religious family of 8 brothers and his father was a hard working man who worked in the construction industry and in his later days as a baker in his own business. His mother was a house wife.

19+ years Experience Energy Psychoterapist
4,5k client has proven my teraphy

After finishing high School, Luis was unsure what he wanted to with his life. After a while he decided to join the police force but always felt out of place. After Luis’ Father passed-away, he felt an internal transformation that pushed him to find out what he was meant to do with this life.

Luis began to talk to his mother about family roots and found out his great Grandfather and his grandfather had both helped to heal people, So, he started to search and learn about the power within to heal and help people through Emotion Healing Therapy. Luis began a journey of discovery, learning and working with many types of therapy.

Some of the techniques of therapy Luis has learned include Master Reiki, psychotherapist, official NLP, Training in biodecoding, Management of anxiety and phobias, chakra and body healing, Reflexology, Massage, Emotional Code, Body Code, Healing Code, Theta Healing, Divine Healing Hands, German New Medicine, Qui Gong, Prana Healing, Quantum Touch and Breathing and Trivedi Effect.

After 15 years of learning and practicing various techniques of therapies, Luis decided to create his own therapy: Emotionht (Emotion Heling Therapy). This therapy is design to release traumas, negative beliefs, and negative emotions of your subconscious mind, without need to talk about it, and with immediate results.  

By applying Emotion Healing Therapy, Luis provides his clients the key to be able to open the energy within themselves so that they can apply it to their problems and everyday life.

Since Luis started to apply his therapy, he has found his true purpose and has been amazed with the results and fulfilment of being able to help and change people’s lives.

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